Wonder League Robotics Club

This club is available as an after school program that runs October through March; if your school doesn’t currently offer it, let your principal and/or PTA know about it! 

The WLRC is an international competition that gives kids a series of challenges that will teach them basic programming concepts, problem-solving, and teamwork. Challenges are designed so the kids solve them, without any adult assistance or interference, in teams of 2-3. Our coaches will be available to help kids troubleshoot their robots and other equipment at each meeting, and answer questions about the apps that are used for programming, but cannot tell the kids how do solve the challenges.

This is not a LEGO Robotics club. Kids will use pre-built robots. The focus is on programming and problem-solving, and we will not be building robots. Kids might have to build accessories for their robots, to complete some of the challenges.

If you would like to bring WLRC to your child’s school, tell your principal and/or PTA to contact us, and we can work with them to make it happen.

Want to get WLRC at your school? Contact us, and we can help you make it happen.

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