Pongos Learning Lab started off as Coder Kids Club, which was a coding program for kids, and that’s where we excel for assemblies. We can get kids excited about learning how to code!


We currently have two assembly programs, both of which are perfect for getting kids excited about coding. These are a great kick-off for Hour of Code week!

  • Adventures in Code: Robot Dance School
  • Adventures in Code: A-maze-ing Programmers


Adventures in Code: Robot Dance School

What is coding? How smart are computers? What happens if you tell a robot to do something it can’t do? The answers to all of these questions, and more, will be explored during our Adventures in Code: Robot Dance School assembly. This is a fun, interactive, and very active assembly, with silly videos, dancing teachers (maybe? please?), and a whole army of robots. An engaging educator will teach kids some basic programming concepts, including events, commands, and error handling through our “Robot Dance Language” (RDL).

This assembly requires plenty of floor space! Kids should sit on the floor, but have space to move around.

Adventures in Code: A-maze-ing Programmers

In this assembly, the kids get to tell the teachers what to do! We start this assembly off by talking about basic programming concepts, and showing some fun examples of code in action. Then we’ll teach everyone some basic commands. Our intrepid coders will then use the programming concepts they have learned to direct a blindfolded teacher through a dangerous maze, both on the computer and in the real world. We haven’t lost any teachers in the maze, yet…

This assembly requires some floor space, for both the maze (at least 10×10) and kids! We can arrange the maze to fit in just about any space, but the larger the space, the more drama (and fun) we can create.


Please contact us to discuss cost for your group.

Equipment & Setup

We can take all of the equipment to you for our assemblies, including a laptop, portable PA system, projector, and screen. If you would rather we use your equipment, we can probably do that, but will also bring ours as backup, in case there are any incompatibilities.

Upon arrival at your location, we will need one hour to set everything up, so please make sure the space is empty, clean, and ready for us to get started. We will let you know if there are any other equipment or setup requirements for your selected program.

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