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Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

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We have two of the Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio sets at the office, and the kids use them a lot, but not necessarily for their intended purpose. The kids love to just play with them! The set comes with some exclusive mini-figures, blocks, and accessories. We supplement the sets with additional mini-figures, and the kids have plenty of stuff to use for creative play.

While we have used the set to make stop-motion animations, many of the younger kids, and kids with shorter attention spans, often don’t want to spend the time required to do that. It can take 30 frames (individual pictures) to create just one second of animation! So when we’ve used this with a mixed-age group (7-12), we end up with animations that are as short as 3 seconds, because frankly, for some of the younger kids, even just that is a ton of work. If you really want to use this for the stop-motion functionality, I would suggest waiting until your child is a bit older than the 8+ age recommended on the box, unless he or she is especially patient and/or focused. If you’re in the area, come to one of our Minecraft events, and your kids can try it out before you buy it.

Also, something to note, the app used to create the animations is currently available for free, and doesn’t actually require this set. So you could conceivably use the app with some of your LEGO sets, to make some neat stop-motion animations. The app also comes with some great title screens, credits, transitions, sound effects, and music, so you, and your kids, can make some cool stuff if you have the patience.