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Minecraft Modding for Kids

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Minecraft Holiday Gift Guide for 2015

This book was written as a companion for the LearnToMod web site, and helps guide you through building some pretty cool mods. I used it as a resource to help develop my course materials for the Intro to Modding class, but had to simplify some of the activities quite a bit, because our kids skewed a bit younger than the target age range. If you have a patient kid that’s 10 or older, this is a great resource. It’s also great for adults! If you have a younger and/or impatient child that has very specific ideas about what kind of mods he or she wants to make, it might be better to wait until he or she is a bit older. While LearnToMod is a fabulous tool for learning how to code while making some pretty neat mods, it cannot do every single kind of mod your child might wish to make, and in my experience, that can lead to some major frustration with some kids.