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Coder Kids Club Holiday Gift Guide for 2016

Your kids will spend countless hours playing with littleBits, if you’ll let them! They are easy to use, and part to put down after you start playing with them. Think of them as electronic building blocks, which you can put together to create a virtually unlimited number of inventions.

Each kit comes with several pieces, which can be used to create all kinds of inventions. My personal favorite kit is the Rule Your Room Kit, because it’s relatively inexpensive, but includes some very useful bits. It’s a good “entry level” kit for kids who want to try them. Gizmos and Gadgets is another excellent kit, with a lot more pieces, so you can make even more inventions.

In addition to the kits, there’s an app you can use to get help, find instructions for building inventions, and much more. If you’d like to check out littleBits, stop by one of our Open Play sessions!