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Minecraft Holiday Gift Guide for 2015

LearnToMod is a great product! We use it in some of our Minecraft Modding classes, to show kids how to create their own mods. It’s a simple, visual tool that lets kids (and adults!) build JavaScript-based mods for Minecraft.

Using a web-based interface, coders can create mods, and test them in a Minecraft simulator. They can also connect their mods to the LearnToMod server, which they can connect to via their own desktop copy of Minecraft.

LearnToMod requires a subscription, but it’s only $30 per year, so it’s totally worth it if you want to learn some programming, and make some cool Minecraft mods while you’re at it!

One thing to note: LearnToMod requires a special server plugin to run the mods. So the mods won’t work on every single Minecraft server out there.