Are you looking for a holiday gift for your favorite Minecraft fanatic? We have kid-tested most of the Minecraft toys, books, clothing, accessories, and more with the kids in our classes and camps. This guide includes most of their favorites.

In addition to the great third-party products listed below, we have to also remind you that Coder Kids Club has lots of awesome Minecraft classes and camps! Check out our calendar to see the Minecraft events we have scheduled. We also have gift certificates and Minecraft-themed birthday parties available. A Coder Kids Club membership also makes a great gift for the entire family.

Kindle Fire 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB

This 7″ Kindle Fire is the latest addition to the Kindle family. It’s not HD, but that might not matter. I bought my daughter one of these for her birthday,... Read More

Minecraft 14″ Ocelot Plush Medium Stuffed Animal

My daughter has this, and loves it. Unfortunately, one of our dogs also loves it, and is constantly trying to eat it! We have several Minecraft stuffed animals at the... Read More

Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection

Kids love, love, LOVE these books. Many of the kids that come to our classes bring their own copies of these handbooks with them, to use as a reference. The collection includes... Read More

Minecraft Deluxe Diamond Sword

We have the older, “non-deluxe” sword at the office, and use it for one of our cool interactive Minecraft controllers. With a MaKey MaKey, some foil tape, and a willing slasher... Read More

Minecraft Think Geek Wall Torch

We have a few of these at the office, and sometimes take them to evening events, to light up our booth. The kids love them, and like to walk around... Read More

Minecraft Collectible Figures Bats, Steve with Iron Armor and Villager 3-Pack, Series 2

This is my own personal favorite mini-figure set. At the start of most of our Minecraft classes, part of our introductions includes the answer to the question, “What is your favorite... Read More

Minecraft Periodic Table of Elements

We recently received this set at the office, and the kids haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, but I have! It’s a nice addition for our bin... Read More

Minecraft Collectible Figures Set J (3-Pack), Series 3

This is my daughter’s favorite mini figure set because it has both Alex (the girl character in Minecraft) and a squid. How cute is that squid?! You can combine this... Read More

LEGO Minecraft The First Night

The LEGO Minecraft “The First Night” set has everything you need to make a nice little house. Just make sure you add a door, and close it, or a sneaky... Read More

LEGO Minecraft The Ender Dragon

This is one of the more popular Minecraft LEGO sets at the office. The kids absolutely love to play with the Enderdragon, and find it especially cool that they can replace his (her?)... Read More

LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box

We have most of the LEGO Minecraft sets in the office, and the kids love them! The Crafting Box is especially nice, because it has a great assortment of bricks.... Read More

Minecraft Modding for Kids

This book was written as a companion for the LearnToMod web site, and helps guide you through building some pretty cool mods. I used it as a resource to help... Read More

Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case

This is a great case, but we don’t actually use it to store our mini-figures, because we have so many of them for classes that we just keep everything in a... Read More

Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

We have two of the Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio sets at the office, and the kids use them a lot, but not necessarily for their intended purpose. The kids love to... Read More

LEGO Minecraft The Mine

The Mine is the largest, and most expensive, LEGO Minecraft set. It has over 900 pieces, including a Steve mini-figure (with iron armor), several hostile mobs, TNT, a mine cart,... Read More

LEGO Minecraft The Cave

This is a relatively inexpensive set, and it contains a Steve mini-figure. Until you get a roomful of kids playing with Minecraft LEGOs, you really have no idea just how... Read More


LearnToMod is a great product! We use it in some of our Minecraft Modding classes, to show kids how to create their own mods. It’s a simple, visual tool that... Read More

Minecraft: Blockopedia

This book is a favorite at our camps and clubs. The kids love looking through it, to learn more about their favorite blocks. It’s beautifully illustrated, and full of great... Read More

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