Parents have been asking us for suggestions on what to get for their kids this holiday season, so we made this handy guide! These are our recommendations for gifts based on what kids have asked for, and what parents have asked about, over the past few months. We hope you find it useful.

Kindle Fire HD 8

We love our Kindles! When we first opened Coder Kids Club, we reviewed all kinds of tablets, and the Kindles won because they were able to run all of the apps we... Read More


Your kids will spend countless hours playing with littleBits, if you’ll let them! They are easy to use, and part to put down after you start playing with them. Think... Read More

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

We use Dash, and his buddy Dot, in several classes, and the kids absolutely love it. They can use 4 different apps to control it in a variety of ways.... Read More


Want to make your own platformer games? This kit can help! Use the game board and blocks to design characters and maps, and then transform those physical creations to real games... Read More


We use Ozobots in some of our programming classes. They’re very easy to use, and can be controlled a variety of ways. Younger kids can use simple, colored lines to... Read More

HUE Animation Studio

This is the animation software and camera that we use in our Introduction to Animation class. It’s perfect for creating stop-motion animations. The software is intuitive, and the kids have... Read More

Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

We have two of the Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio sets at the office, and the kids use them a lot, but not necessarily for their intended purpose. The kids love to... Read More

Toshiba Satellite Radius

A lot of parents ask us which computers they should get for their kids. The answer is usually, “It depends!” If your child will be playing Minecraft and web-based games,... Read More

Makey Makey

This thing is so cool! It reminds me of an old school Nintendo controller, with the up/down/left/right controls and two buttons. You can use the Makey Makey to build all kinds of... Read More

Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit

We use this set in some of our classes, and the kids love it. The set comes with components to make 175 projects, all of which are detailed in the... Read More

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit

We have used this set in a few of our classes, and the kids really enjoy it. The set comes with over 60 components. It’s for kids 8 and older,... Read More

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