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It’s time to party like a STEAM star! Pongos Learning Lab offers a variety of fun, and sometimes even educational, parties for kids of all ages. These are in-person parties at our office. If you are interested in a virtual party we also offer those.

See the full description for more information about what’s included and all of the options.


Party Info

Who are we celebrating, and why?


How would you like us to decorate? Please see the list, or just enter a theme, and we’ll do what we can!

Activities * 

Select 1-2 activities for the party. If you would like to select more than 2 activities, we might need to bring in an extra instructor (or two) for an additional cost of $150 each.

If you wish to bring more than 10 adults, we charge $5 each to cover the cost of additional staff and supplies required to accommodate the larger group size (this cost isn’t included in the booking estimate for the party, but will be charged on the day of the party).



Anything we didn’t ask that you’d like to add, have a special request, or need to give us more info about an option you selected? Please enter it here.

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It’s time to party like a STEAM star! Pongos Learning Lab offers a variety of fun, and sometimes even educational, parties for kids of all ages.

Each party includes:

  • 10 children, including the guest of honor. Additional children are $10 each.
  • 1.5 hours for fun and 30 minutes for food and drink
  • Themed decorations
  • Color-coordinated tablecloths, plates, and napkins (these are not themed)
  • White plasticware and cups (if needed).

We can generally accommodate one adult per child. If you wish to bring more adults, we charge $5 each to cover the cost of additional staff and supplies required to accommodate the larger group size (this cost isn’t included in the booking estimate for the party, but will be charged on the day of the party). Please note that the maximum recommended group size, including both children and adults, is 40 people. If you wish to bring more than 40 people, please contact us before booking the party.


You can select from a wide variety of themes. Please see the form for a list. If you want a theme that is not listed, let us know, and we’ll try to accommodate your request.

Food & Drink

You are welcome to bring your own nut-free food and drink.

Party Activities

We have a lot of activities to do with the kids. Many activities can be included in the cost of the party, but some require an additional fee per participant. You can choose 1-2 activities for your party. If you would like additional activities, we might need to bring in another instructor (or two), with an additional cost of $150 per instructor. Please note the age ranges and suggested times for each activity, and plan accordingly.

  • Animation – Kids will learn the basics of stop-motion animation. Age range: 6+
  • Breakout Boxes – Have all the fun of an escape room, in a box! We will customize them for your child’s theme and/or interests. These usually take about 30-45 minutes for the kids to complete. Age range: 6+
  • Fuse Beads – Kids will make a fun fuse bead creation to take home. Age range 6+
  • Gaming in the Game Lab – We will set up the Nintendo Switch consoles (x5) in the Game Lab. Kids will also have access to board and card games. We can also break out the tablets for Roblox and/or Minecraft, but kids will need their own accounts to use those (need to know in advance). We also have 3 Xbox One consoles, but please note that many of the games are single-player, so we typically don’t use those for parties. Age range 5+
  • Gaming in the Computer Lab – Up to 15 kids can play Minecraft: Java Edition and/or Roblox with our gaming laptops. For this activity, each child must have their own Minecraft and/or Roblox account. Parents will need to stick around for a few minutes at the start of the party to help their children log in to their accounts. Age range: 5+
  • Lava Lamps – This is a fun STEM activity, and kids will get to take home their own lava lamp, made with a bottle, water, oil, and food coloring. Age range: 3+
  • LEGO/Duplo Challenge/Free Build – This is a fun activity for all ages, and especially appropriate if younger siblings will be attending the party. Age range: 3+
  • LEGO/Duplo Make & Take – If you want kids to be able to take their LEGO builds home with them, select this option instead. Kids will each be given a packet of LEGO or Duplo bricks to use for their challenges and will take home their builds and any leftover pieces. Age range: 3+
  • Little Learners Lab – Enjoy open play in our Little Learners Lab. Age range: 3-6
  • Little Scientists – This activity is meant for younger kids who will be using the Little Learners Lab. Each child will receive a lab coat, goggles, and a pair of non-slip socks. They will do a fun experiment which will be determined via discussion with the parent and party coordinator. Age range: 3-6
  • Moon Dough – Kids will make their own sensory moon dough to take home. ALLERGY WARNING: We use wheat flour for this. Age range: 3+
  • Robots – We have well over a hundred robots (we’re not kidding!) appropriate for a wide variety of ages. This activity can be as simple as programming Ozobots (ages 5+) with lines and colors to programming a Dash robot (ages 8+). Please note that we will not have all robots available for a party, so we’ll need to know in advance which ones your kids will want to use. Age range: 5+
  • Sensory Bottles – This is a fun STEM activity, and kids will get to take home their own sensory bottles. Age range: 3+
  • Slime (Single Batch) – This is a very popular activity with kids, and they’ll have a chance to make some fluffy slime. Age range: 3+
  • Slime (Slime Party) – If your child loves slime, choose this, and we’ll make a BUNCH! Kids will make rubbery slime, fluffy slime, metallic slime, and “butter” slime. They will also play “Wheel of Slime” where we make a random batch of slime based on ingredients selected by each child attending. Age range: 5+
  • YouTube Stars – Kids will learn about internet safety and then make a challenge video together. Age range: 6+

If you want to do an activity that’s not listed, please contact us to determine availability and pricing. We do have a ton of other stuff we can do!


  • Can kids be dropped off at the party? Kids have to be at least 5 years old to be dropped off at a party. Any children under that age must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Older kids who will be dropped off must have a contact number that we can reach in case of an emergency on the sign-in sheet. The person who is organizing the party must stay on-site and will be responsible for any kids who are dropped off.  Everyone who attends the party, including adults, must have a signed release.
  • What if I want a theme that’s not in the form? Select Other, and we’ll see what we can do. If decorations exist for the theme you want, we will try to find them.
  • What if I want themed tablecloths, plates, napkins, and cups? You are welcome to bring any supplies and/or decorations to supplement what we have to offer.
  • Can we use the whole 2 hours for the activities? Yes, but only if you’re not bringing any food. We can’t have any food or drinks in the Little Learners Lab or around most of our equipment.
  • Can we bring food? Yes, but we are a nut-free facility, so you cannot bring anything that contains peanuts or tree nuts. Please note that we also do not allow food or drink around any electronic equipment, so we typically schedule food and drinks for the last 30 minutes of the party.
  • Does my child count as a party guest? All children who are taking part in the party activities are included in the participant count.
  • Can we add time to the party? Yes, as long as there’s not already a party scheduled right after your party we can usually add one extra hour to the end, but we need to know in advance. We can only add the extra hour if there’s nothing already scheduled after your event. The cost is $150 for the extra hour and $10 per “extra” child if you have more than 10 kids. If you don’t schedule that extra time, we’ll need you to round up your crew to head out within a few minutes of the end time, because it’s very likely we need to clean the room and reset for another party right after yours.
  • Can we come early to the party? It depends. Some weekends we have back-to-back parties so will generally need you to arrive no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. Please note that the party won’t start at this time, as our staff will still be setting everything up for the party, so plan accordingly. If you need extra time for setup (extra decorations, or some other reason) let us know, and we’ll see if we can accommodate you. It’s easiest to do this if you schedule the first party of the day, but if that’s not possible, you might have to book the room as a rental for the extra time.
  • Can a costumed character attend my child’s party? Sure! We can send you recommendations for vendors who can supply costumed characters, face-painting, balloon twisting, and other services. Our assistants will sometimes wear one of the costumes we keep here for special events, but it’s not guaranteed. Keep in mind you can expect to pay $150+ for such a service, so a generous tip to the assistant/performer would be very much appreciated if they dress up for your party.
  • Should we tip? It’s totally optional, but very much appreciated. If you choose to tip your party host(s) please do so in cash.
  • Can I book a party for an adult? Sure! We won’t judge! Because our set party times are appropriate for kids, we suggest contacting us before you book, because we might need to enter it manually in the system to accommodate for a later party time.

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