Late Pick-up Policy

Parents of participants enrolled in Coder Kids Club activities will be charged $1.00 per minute per child (maximum of $2.50 per minute per family) based on the program pick-up times listed on your receipt, which should match the pick-up time on the sign-in sheet when you drop off your child(ren).

  • If you know you are going to be late please notify the Club so we can let your child and the teachers know. Late fee will still be charged.
  • If a parent or authorized pick-up person does not arrive or call by 5 minutes past the designated pick-up up time, staff will assume an emergency exists and will begin to call emergency contacts for your child.
  • If no emergency contact can be reached within 30-minutes past designated pick-up time, staff may contact the local police department, who will pick up the child.
  • Late fees must be paid to Club staff upon pick up.
  • Continued disregard for the pick-up time or failure to pay late pick-up fees can be cause for the child’s termination from the program, without a refund.

It is very important to have updated contact information in your child’s file at all times. Any child who is not picked up will be under the supervision of an assigned teacher/administrator until the parent, emergency contact, or the authorities arrive. All information about the incident will be discussed directly with the parent or guardian and never with the child.