Inclement Weather Policy

We generally follow AACPS for closings, so if they will be closed, we probably will be as well. Sometimes they get it wrong, and close all day when a snowstorm completely misses us before noon. We probably won’t cancel an evening class in that case. And, of course, we hold many of our classes when AACPS would otherwise not be open, so sometimes we just can’t follow their lead on closing, and will have to make the call on whether or not to close.

Please check our web site, Facebook, and/or Twitter for updates when there is impending weather that might affect transportation and safety in our area. We will also attempt to email everyone who might be affected by a specific closing as soon as possible. If you think the weather is iffy for a class, and you haven’t heard from us at least a couple of hours in advance, please be sure to check your spam.

If we do cancel an event due to inclement weather, we will do a few things:

  • For single-session (evening/weekend) classes, like our 3D Design and Printing in Minecraft class, we will reschedule the class for the same day of the week on a different week. Your child will still be enrolled in the make-up session, and if for some reason he or she cannot attend, we will work with you to find an alternative session.
  • For ongoing courses, like our Intro to Programming, we will add another week on to the end of the class and/or add a few minutes to each of the remaining sessions to make up the missed time.
  • For mini-camps, we will work with you to move your child to another camp. If that doesn’t work for you, we’ll give you a refund or credit (your choice) so you can re-enroll at your leisure.
  • Other events will depend on the circumstances.

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