We evaluate STEAM toys, and games, on a pretty regular basis, to see if they might fit into the programs at Pongos Learning Lab. If the adults think they’re promising, we’ll let the kids try them, to make sure they’re not just educational, but also fun! We participate in some affiliate programs, so if you click on and purchase through any links in this post, we may earn a small commission.

In this edition of Toys We Tried, we’ll share Robot Turtles. Robot Turtles is actually a game, and not a toy, but we think it’s worth mentioning for parents who want to find some STEM fun for their kids! Want us to try a toy, or game? Contact us to suggest one.

Robot Turtles

We use Robot Turtles to help pre-readers and early readers learn basic coding concepts. The only reading required is the instructions, which an adult can explain to the kids, who can then play without any help.

The game is simple: get your robot to the jewel. Kids take turns playing movement cards (forward, left, and right) to direct their turtles to their jewels. You can make the game more difficult by adding obstacles, like ice walls, which require a laser to melt. Pretty cool!

The manufacturer, ThinkFun, recommends this game for ages 4-15. We’ve had a few older kids play it with younger kids, but I think it will appeal the most to ages 4-8.

We have tried other coding games for kids but this one is our favorite. It’s also a kid favorite.

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