Are you still looking for something to get your kids for the holidays? We have some ideas that you can still get in time for Hanukkah or Christmas if you use Amazon Prime! Some items are also available in stores. Please note that we are Amazon affiliates, so we’ll get some money back if you purchase through our links.

Wonder Workshop Dash

Wonder Workshop Dash

We love Dash, and actually keep about 20 of them here for kids to use in various camps, clubs, and classes. I recommend it for kids in grades 2-5. Older kids would be better off using Dash’s older sibling, Cue.

Dash is programmable, and drivable. There are several apps you can download to use with it, including one that allows you to use Blockly code (similar to Scratch). Most kids also enjoy being able to drive the robot around using the controller in the Wonder app.

Ozobot Evo

Ozobot Evo
Ozobot Evo

We use Ozobot Evo pretty extensively in all of our robotics programs. It’s is great for kids of all ages, and we even use it with some of our PreK kids.

Ozobot Evo can be programmed with magic markers and paper. It will follow lines you draw on the paper, and you can add “codes” via different color combinations, to make the robots spin, speed up, slow down, and more. This leads to some really creative combinations of both technology and art.

In addition to using lines, there are a few Ozobot apps that you can download, but because it’s not available on our primary tablet (Kindle Fire) we generally don’t use it. There’s also a website that you can use to program the robots, using Blockly.

Learning Resources Coding Critters

Learning Resources Coding Critters

If you’re looking for something your PreK or K kid can use, we love Coding Critters. Learning Resources offers several variations of this adorable, programmable robot, including a dog, cat, and dinosaur.

We have started using Coding Critters with some of our younger students, and play-tested it with a group of Kindergarten kids during a recent robotics club. They loved it, but needed some help reading the story that goes along with it. As far as we’re concerned, that’s great, because it will encourage parents to engage with their kids as they use technology together. We encourage that!

Kamigami Robots

Child with Kamigami Robots

We first used Kamigami Robots in the summer of 2019, for one of our robotics camps. They were a big hit with the kids! They are robots that you actually build, and they come in a variety of insect designs, like a beetle, praying mantis, and ladybug.

These robots are good for kids in grades 3 and older. If you have a younger child, they will probably still like them, but will need some help assembling the robot.

Once the robot is assembled, you can use the Kamigami app to program it. There’s not a ton of stuff that it can do, but the kids had fun making them dance, battle, and dance battle!

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