We evaluate STEAM toys on a pretty regular basis, to see if they might fit into the programs at Pongos Learning Lab. If the adults think they’re promising, we’ll let the kids try them, to make sure they’re not just educational, but also fun! We participate in some affiliate programs, so if you click on and purchase through any links in this post, we may earn a small commission.

In this edition of Toys We Tried, we’ll share Wonder Workshop Dash . Want us to try a toy? Contact us to suggest one.

Wonder Workshop Dash

Learning with Dash
Photo credit: Bethany Swain (BethanySwain.net)

We have been using Dash from Wonder Workshop almost since we opened our doors, in countless clubs, competitions, scout badge workshops, classes, camps, and more. Kids love it!

You can control Dash with one of several apps on just about any tablet. We use several different Kindle Fire versions, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy tablets, and all work well with the robots. Since we’re working with large groups, we tend to favor the Kindles (hello, inexpensive tablet!!). The apps let kids not only control the robots manually, but they can also use them to create rather complex programs to control the robots. That makes this robot perfect for learning how to code.

Wonder Workshop recommends this robot for ages 6 and up, and we agree with that starting age. The apps do require some reading ability to be used independently, so we usually start using it with kids in grade 2. Most of the K-1 kids we work with have a hard time reading the text in the apps, but can use the controller without much trouble.

We also have Dot robots to use with the Dash robots, but the kids really don’t like them as much, because they don’t move.

If you have any older child (11+), check out Dash’s cousin, Cue! We’ll review that robot in a later edition.

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