We have stopped offering free preview sessions for our Coder Kids and YouTube Stars & Animators Clubs, but we have a good reason for it! Those clubs generally require a lot more guidance from an instructor to get started, and we provide that instruction in 4-to-6-week segments. It can be very difficult, and frustrating, for a child to attend 30 minutes of one of those clubs, especially if they come during week 2 or later. We want kids to have fun while they learn, so to minimize frustration, we made the difficult decision to stop offering previews for those clubs. Instead, kids can register for one of the 4-to-6-week classes, and then join the corresponding club after they get that initial instruction. We’re going to also occasionally offer free 30-to-60-minute crash courses in coding, video production(YouTube Stars), and animation for specific age groups. Check the calendar to see when those are scheduled.

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