We’re still working on our fall club and class schedule, but wanted to give you a sneak-peek of what we have so far! If you would like us to add a club on a topic you don’t see listed, or hold a club on a different day/time, please let us know.


Clubs are ongoing, weekly sessions that are child-led with lots of time for exploration. For most clubs, instructors will provide ground rules, technical support, and age-appropriate activities, but will not actively teach the subject. Clubs are meant to be a safe place for children to explore a subject and have some fun. We will provide kids with all of the materials, equipment, and other things necessary to work on ongoing projects. Some clubs will also include challenges, competitions, self-paced video training, and/or weekly/monthly themes. All clubs are appropriate for kids in K-8. We will split kids into groups according to age and/or experience when we have enough kids in a club.

Tentative Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Coder Kids Club STEAM ClubRobotics ClubYouTube StarsGame Design
Makers Club
Chess Club Gamer ClubBuilders ClubMakers ClubTBD
3D/VR/AR ClubCoder Kids ClubDrone ClubAnimators ClubArts & Crafts
Builders Club
Drone Club
Chess Club
Arts & Crafts
YouTube Stars
Animators Club 3D/VR/AR Club
Robotics Club
Coder Kids Club
Gamer Club  
Gamer Club

Club Descriptions

These are very brief descriptions. We’ll have more soon!

3D/VR/AR Create 3D objects and worlds.
Animators Club Create stop-motion and computer-based animations.  
Arts & Crafts Get creative with weekly projects.
Builders Club Build with LEGO, Tinker Toys, K’Nex, Minecraft, and Fortnite.
Chess Club Learn how to play and/or improve your game.
Coder Kids Club Learn how to code through games, challenges, and self-paced training.
Drone Club Build, fly, code, and compete with drones.
Game Design Learn about the game design process, and create board, card, and other types of games (no electronics).
Gamer Club Play games. This is mostly for fun, but does give kids a chance to
Makers Club Tinker with all kinds of cool stuff! Learn about electronics, build a computer, and more.
Robotics Club Build, program, and compete with robots.
STEAM Club Learn about science, technology, engineering, arts, and math with hands-on activities and experiments.
YouTube Stars Plan, script, rehearse, record, and edit videos.


Classes are instructor-led, and take place over a fixed period (usually 4-8 sessions). Kids will work on a series of lessons and/or projects with the instructor’s guidance. We plan to hold classes related to the club topics during club sessions, so kids can get some extra help with a topic, whether they’re new to the club or they’ve been doing it a while.

We’re still working on the schedule for classes! Expect it in the next few days.

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