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Coder Kids Club Contest

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Need more incentive than that? How about a chance for a $175 gift certificate?! If you subscribe to our mailing list by July 31, 2015, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $175 gift certificate, good for anything at Coder Kids Club. That’s enough for most of our half-day camps, a bunch of our evening sessions, or 17 t-shirts. For those of you that are already subscribed, don’t worry, you’ll be included in the drawing as well!

We would also love it if you would pass the word along to your friends, so we’re going to have a second contest! Ask your friends to enter your email address in the “Referred By” field in our mailing list sign-up form (see below), and whoever gets mentioned the most will win another $175 gift certificate. In case of a tie, we’ll do a drawing from everyone that gets the top mentions.

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